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The primary goal of the SACAR is to develop and improve patient care standards in anaesthesiology.


Anaesthesiology includes the fields of anaesthesia and analgesia.


Anaesthesia care encompasses:


  • preoperative care (evaluation of the patient's clinical condition and its treatment, optimization of their surgical preparation, and preparation of an anaesthetic strategy adaptable to the needs of the patient and the surgical team) ;

  • intraoperative care (practical implementation of the previously defined anaesthetic strategy and life support during the intervention) ;

  • postoperative care (monitoring and support of vital functions and treatment of acute pain).


Analgesia involves acute and chronic pain treatment by various non-invasive (eg, medications, psychotherapy) or invasive (eg, single or continuous nerve blocks, intrathecal pump, spinal neurostimulator) techniques.


The SACAR strives to achieve this goal through promotion and development of clinical and basic research, dissemination of knowledge in anaesthesiology and participation in specialized postgraduate training.

Bylaws and Minutes

The bylaws and minutes of the SACAR are available on request. See Contact.

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